Want to be a Coach?

What is Shooting Star Looking for in a Coach?

Shooting Star is committed to getting good coaching volunteers and to support coaches to become great coaches. The basic requirements come in two forms. We want to encourage parent involvement and those with basketball knowledge to be part of Shooting Star. Our ideal situation is to have someone with basketball knowledge work with a parent volunteer.

Those with basketball knowledge who want to coach for Shooting Star must:

  1. Be positive
  2. Be willing to learn new coaching ways and participate in clinics and training
  3. Understand that players need skill development and to have fun
  4. Be cooperative when coaching with colleagues and other volunteers

Becoming a Shooting Star Coach

To become a coach you must do the following:

  1. Contact the Basketball Coordinator or Coaches Liason
  2. Complete and submit the Coaching Application Form
  3. Complete a criminal record check and child abuse registry check
  4. Coaches from previous years must complete a Shooting Star Coaching Offense Declaration
  5. Be willing to participate in training and coaching clinics
  6. Attend coaching meetings and participate in Shooting Star activities
  7. Adhere to the requirements and rules set forth by the Shooting Star board

Please note that the Basketball Coordinator makes decisions on coaching assignments

Shooting Star Coach Support

The Association supports coaches by:

  1. Encouraging coaching participation in the Basketball Nova Scotia Coaching Summit
  2. Funding in whole or in part training opportunities such as NCCP clinics
  3. Coaching team bag
  4. Clothing at reduced rate (thanks to coaches for their time and effor)
  5. The Board hosts a Christmas Social for coaches
  6. The development of the coaching web portal
  7. The Board has been proactive in administrative activities such as implementing practices to ensure child safety, etc.